Beating “no” sometimes takes commitment

Have you ever had those moments in life where you want something so bad it hurts? No is not a option and every time you hear it you plan and plot around it to attempt to get to yes in any way possible. Yet, despite all those efforts, we never really take the opportunity to put our request out in the universe, commit to it and in a fleeting moment our desire just passes us by.

My entire life I have never been a person to accept no. If what I want is beneficial and good, I try and come up with every way possible to get the answer to a yes, which often takes an emotional and physical toll. It was only later in life that I learned that I did not have to do it on my own. I learned that there was a whole big universe out there just waiting to help me. Unfortunately, I was not taking the opportunity to tap into the universe and ask for assistance. Once I did, it was only then that I learned that you can not do it all on your own. Sometimes you just need the help.

There is a famous quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe that says “At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you.” I have mentioned this quote before and mention it again for a reason. I believe that for something to truly come to pass you have to put it out in the universe and then give it every effort you have to see it through. I also believe we have to be careful of the types of things that we put out there. Putting bad thoughts into the universe can often result in unintended consequences. However, focusing on good and positive thoughts guides the universe to help meet your ask.

Most of us believe that there is a higher power that guides what we do. For many people this higher power takes different forms and it is what is right with your own soul that should guide you. How we live our life and what we believe is only our concern, because at the end of the day no one is more responsible for us than ourselves. When we live a good life, put good things out in the universe, be true to ourselves and others, good things come back to us. They come back to us as long as we are willing to put the effort and work into making them happen. We can’t simply say to the universe that this is what we want and then just sit back and wait for the universe to deliver.

In this program, my work and my life over all, I set my sights on what I want to accomplish. When I meet a barrier, I find another way around it. I would say nine times out of ten, as I maneuver through the maze of decisions, the end result is positive. However, to get there requires flexibility, perseverance and a strong belief in yourself.

Today, think about what you desire most. Truly commit to it, ask the universe for assistance and know that the first no does not always have to be the final no in your quest for a positive result.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


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