A whole new year

It is a new year for Bring Smiles to Seniors and I hope that you all had holidays that were filled with love, laughter, celebration and magic. What an incredible year for our organization as we delivered 40,515 cards to over 200 unique senior communities in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. We could not have done it without all the help of the people who support this program and are excited for what 2019 will bring. Last year, I set a goal of 20,000 cards after having delivered 18,810 in 2017 and we blew that goal out of the water. This year I am going to go the other direction and go out on a limb and set a goal of 50,000 cards in 2019. If the card supplies and resources for mailings arrive, I know we can do it.

The need for moral support and reminders of love in the senior community has never been greater. The message is always the same no matter which senior community you talk to. Where there are individuals who are lucky enough to still have family involved and receive visits, there are just as many that are alone and forgotten. Many placed in a community who never see the outside of the four walls again, as well those who are at home without people who care. These are real people who need to be reminded that they are loved and not forgotten and it is up to us to provide that extra touch that matters. As long as we have breath in us every single senior that we can reach will get that reminder they so desperately need.

One of the most amazing things that my grandmother instilled in me early on was the need to make sure that our elderly were revered and taken care of. All the nights I sat with her as she visited the seniors in the community that were bedridden or homebound I watched and listened. Taking it all in, I knew that someday I was destined to do something different and over the last few years I have definitely been shown my path. My dream someday is to be able to find a sponsor so that we can make this program as big as it can go. Until then, we will reach as many seniors as we can with the energy that we can muster.

The beautiful thing about New Years are that you get to start all over. You have a clean slate to accomplish anything that you set your mind to and the possibilities are endless. I look forward to what we accomplish together in 2019 and I am especially glad to have you on this journey with me.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles


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One Comment on “A whole new year

  1. I am so happy and blessed to be on this journey with you. Looking forward to helping you meet your goal of 50,000 cards


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