Kick old self doubt to the curb

In my Podcast this week ( I talked about our old friend self doubt and how it likes to rear its ugly head any time we find ourselves in a situation that is new or uncomfortable. When we are in the middle of the unknown, the likelihood that we we will not continue to pursue success or simply just give in is at its greatest point. The fear of failure often drives the chance for accomplishment and it is in those moments where we give in that we miss out on one of life’s opportunities to strengthen our foundation and build that stepping stone to the next accomplishment.

Things that are familiar and routine are much easier to do, so we tend to do them more. They make us comfortable and and have such a high chance of success that we often stick to those things that are known to us. However, doing so keeps us from being able to broaden our horizons and create new life experiences that help to make our lives full, exciting and robust. That doesn’t mean that venturing into the unknown isn’t scary or unnerving. It just means that we have to dig for that little extra bit of strength and stamina to see us through to completion. Once we are able to be successful, oh what a wonderful feeling it is.

Have you ever always wanted to do something unusual? It has been in the back of your mind for ever, yet you don’t even know how to begin and know that many of the tasks involved are things that you are unfamiliar with. However, you embark on the journey anyway and one by one you discover that you have abilities inside you that you didn’t even know that you had. Each task completion gives you the strength and confidence to move on to the next and before you know it you have completed that which you thought was impossible.

These can involve major things in your life or simple ones. But they all culminate to become a part of the true you and all that you are actually able to do. When our pool pump went out, my first inkling was to call the pool person and pay whatever it cost to have it replaced. Then I made the decision to do some research on pumps, watch some YouTube videos on installations and step by step I completed the replacement of the pump for half of what it would have cost to be installed. That gave me the confidence to tackle other tasks in my home that I never thought possible and the money that I would have used for those things was able to be directed to other things. I did that so many times that I am now at the point that I believe I could tackle anything, well anything that doesn’t have the risk of killing me, and usually I can be successful.

When making decisions in our lives on the unknown, old self doubt is the first thing that wants to make its visit. It often keeps us from experiencing greater things that life has to offer, inhibits our self confidence and keeps life mundane. The more we step outside our box and the more we expand life’s horizons, we create that full and abundant life that keeps our soul nourished. Had a task lately that you think was out of your realm of capability? Give self doubt the boot and I bet you can do more than you even realize. In fact, I know you can.

Have a great weekend and remember to be the reason someone smiles


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