Maybe the lists aren’t so bad

Ever wonder why we procrastinate? All the minutes we need to get something done are staring us right in the face, yet for that moment we just can’t bring ourselves to start the task. I suspect that there are many reasons for that. It’s a mundane task that we just don’t like to do. It takes more effort than we have to exert at that particular moment. We get a better offer and it is easier to lay that task to the side and get to it later. Or, maybe we just don’t want to do it at all. No matter the decision, they all lead to one outcome, the task isn’t done and it still occupies a place in our mind that could be free for something else. Perhaps even something else enjoyable.

I have always been one of those people that do not like to have a list of things in front of me that I need to accomplish. Seeing all those tasks uncompleted causes me angst that is far worse than just taking all the time that I need to get the tasks done. However, that is not necessarily healthy either. I miss social engagements, time with my family, hours of sleep and often more enjoyable alternatives because I can’t seem to let a task wait until tomorrow. I often feel this innate need for perfection that drives me from one task to the next. As I get older, it has become more obvious that I may not be making the best decisions.

First of all, as we age our bodies no longer the have the capability to go as we did in our younger years. It begins to yell at us when we push it a little too hard to exert the kind of energy necessary to complete everything that needs to get done. Heaven forbid we should catch the latest germ or cold that is going around as it takes us twice as long to get over it because we aren’t preserving the energy that we need to just exist.

Second, as we have added more and more to our life responsibilities, there comes a point when something has to give. It becomes so important to prioritize the things that have to get done over the things that need to get done. Those lists that I detest all of the sudden have become necessary to be able to balance all that life throws at you. They are also the only way that it is possible to even try and maintain a sense of balance in your life.

As you grow older and more involved in what life has to offer, you soon learn that procrastination isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It becomes a tool, when used properly, that helps you deal with life’s requirements. Crossing something off the list provides a sense of self accomplishment that strengthens you to tackle the next task. While you are always adding and deleting from your list, by keeping one you always know that which has to get done is getting done, while that which needs to get done is only a line on the list away.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


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