We never know what they may be dealing with

This morning I was thinking about how we go about our day and encounter all kinds of people in many different scenarios and situations. Most people we run into are friendly and kind, yet there times we encounter those that don’t create the most pleasant of experiences. This happens a lot in service industries, on customer service calls and as we are dealing with people in the public. While there is no excuse for being down right rude, when these situations do occur. I try to stop and consider that the person… Read More

Mornings With Ron – Episode 5

A new episode of Mornings With Ron is now available. This week it’s all about taking care of ourselves.  I hope you enjoy!    

Knowing our soul is necessary for true happiness

Do you ever wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and ask yourself who you are? Not just who you are to everyone else, but that deep look into your soul to discover exactly who you are to yourself. We go through life deciding what we want to be, wanting to decide who we want to be and and eventually, hopefully becoming what we ultimately want. Sounds complicated does it not? In some ways it is, but I believe the reason is that mostly with all the worldly distractions, we… Read More

We just need the courage to be creative

We all have some sort of creativity that we are all capable of. Some of it is big and bold, while others are small and subtle. However, each is a gift that we possess that when we use it to the fullest not only nurtures our own soul, but often the souls of others as well. Some are so confident in their creative gifts that they find it easy to put them out there and share. They have natural born talent that with which they are so comfortable that it allows them… Read More

Finding your passion will lead to your purpose

As we go through our early years in life, we spend a lot of time working on our life path and as many know the path is not always readily recognizable. We consider things like where we will go to college, what kind of career we will pursue, what will our family situation be like and what will be our altruistic efforts. Many times we think we need to know every thing that is going to happen by the time we reach our early years. Yet, what we quickly learn as life… Read More

Mornings With Ron – Episode 4

Welcome to a new episode of Mornings with Ron. In this week’s episode Ron talks about the importance of taking care of others. He hopes these words provoke thought, inspire the heart and feed the soul. https://anchor.fm/morningswithron/episodes/Episode-4-e3akm9

Mornings With Ron – Episode 3

Ron started the Bring Smiles to Seniors program in honor of his grandmother Lola Mae.  In this episode you will get to know her a little and understand why she had such an influence on his life.  He hopes the words provoke thought, inspire the heart and feed the soul. https://anchor.fm/morningswithron/episodes/Episode-3-e3ac8o  

Mornings With Ron Podcast – Episode 2

In this episode Ron talks about how to make the most of our life minutes. Whether you choose to binge listen or save one for each morning, I hope that you enjoy and the words provoke thought, inspire the heart and feed the soul. https://anchor.fm/morningswithron/episodes/Episode-2-e38kvs

Mornings With Ron Podcast – Episode 1

This is my introductory episode to the new Mornings With Ron Podcast.  Weekly thoughts to provoke thought, inspire the heart and feed the soul. I hope that you enjoy.  New episodes released each weekend. https://anchor.fm/morningswithron/embed/episodes/Episode-1-e37t2t

Those who matter are still my people

When I saw this post it made me smile. Why? Because I know I’m sometimes too much for some people. I have always had this way of joking with people, with a little sarcasm mixed in to make them laugh. It often causes them to be self deprecating. It is kind of a biting humor that definitely runs in the Rochester family. My Aunt Monica had it, my Uncle Rocky had it and my grandmother had it when she wanted to. It is a kind of retort and look that anyone in… Read More

Fun with Philosophy

Philosophy is all about being curious, asking basic questions. And it can be fun!

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