They remind us when we need them

We have all lost people in our lives that we loved and were close to. Some were such an ingrained part of our lives that even though they are gone, they always find a way to be there in one way or another. Such is the case with my grandmother, who was my inspiration for the Bring Smiles to Seniors program.

You have probably read some of my previous posts about her. She was a strong, often strict, amazing women that raised three children on her own during some very difficult times. A woman fighting for her children’s survival at the time that women were not supposed to be alone has a way of shaping you into a woman that can do just about anything. That was certainly the case with her.

When she passed three years ago this month, I not only lost my grandmother, I lost my friend, confidant and someone who always wanted me to be the best that I could possibly be. Granted she pushed me hard, but she did it because she wanted me to have the best life that I could possibly have and there was not anything that she would not do to ensure that her desire became a reality. I believe that one of the greatest gifts that she ever gave me, was the gift of compassion.

Growing up I spent most of my time with her. We often visited the sick, elderly, lonely and people in need. I would do my homework as she visited, yet I would hear the conversations of compassion, caring and learned the importance of being there for other people. I heard fascinating stories and developed an understanding of the need to ensure that those that paved the way for us were remembered and not forgotten. It became so ingrained in me at an early age that it was inevitable that I would go on to create the Bring Smiles to Seniors program.

At the anniversary of my grandmother’s passing, she is not really gone. She has found her own special way of showing that she is with me every day. The cardinal was her favorite bird and red her favorite color. A cardinal appears every time I need it most. I was the first grandchild. Repeating 1’s show up on a clock or a sign when I am thinking of her and need her touch. While finished in body, she is never truly gone and she takes every opportunity to let me know it.

If you are missing that person that was an important part of your life, I hope that they are finding their way to you as well. They may leave our presence, but they never leave our heart. Just when you least expect it they find their own special way to let you know that they are never far away.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.

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