What the heart can make you do

The people that we have experienced through the Bring Smiles to Seniors program has become a model for a world where compassion, love and understanding for our seniors and fellow human beings abound. Time and time again we have seen those that give when they don’t have and give in abundance when they do. The sharing of their time, talent and love goes far beyond what anyone could ever imagine.

Many of you know from my previous postings that I love the game of Mah Jongg. I learned to play several years ago and little did I know that that world and my Bring Smiles to Seniors world would soon collide. The game consists of not only private home groups where people come together to play and become a part of each other’s lives in ways that could not ever have been imagined. In addition, there are tournament directors who run tournaments locally and around the country for those interested in friendly competition. Two of those with which I have become attached to are Destination Mah Jongg and Dragons on the Green.

At these tournaments, the tournament directors hold 50/50 raffles where entrants purchase tickets and at the end of the tournament a ticket is drawn and fifty percent of the money collected goes to the charity and fifty percent to the winning ticket holder. This gives the opportunity for smaller charities like ours, who do not have the benefit of national funding like the larger ones, to be able to receive donations to help keep us going. While Dragons on the Green and Destination Mah Jongg have made us their designated charity several times, it was in San Diego that something special happened.

The picture above is of Lorraine from New Jersey and myself. There were over 180 people at this tournament where many bought multiple tickets. After Lorraine purchased her ticket she came over to me to tell me that if she won she intended to donate her portion of the winnings back to our program. The drawing time came and the winning ticket was pulled and low and behold, Lorraine’s ticket was chosen. True to her word, Lorraine announced that her portion of the winnings were to be donated back to Bring Smiles. The amount was over $650. Now that may not sound like a lot, but it takes $7 – $9 for us to be able to send a package of our decorated cards to a senior community. Her generosity and giving spirit allowed us to be able to reach approximately seventy two more senior communities across the country.

When the human spirits come together to do good things amazing things happen. When people such as Lorraine put good out into the universe, as she did with the intention of doing good with her winnings, wonderful things happen. That amazing gesture cost her nothing except the purchase price of her ticket. Yet, the love and compassion that she put out into the world was priceless.

The small and even large things that we do have a way of multiplying when we do them. One small act encourages others to do the same and before you know it everything culminates to make significant contribution to this amazing world of ours. Today, I hope that you find your one small way to make a difference and have the opportunity to experience the heartbeat of what makes our world the best that it can be. Thank you to all the Mah Jongg players who have purchased tickets, to Lorraine for her generous compassion and to tournament directors, Fern, Bonnie, Judy and Cheryl for being part of our world.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.

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