Needing to Show the Beautiful Side of Humanity

We all find ourselves in a very different world. One that is unfamiliar, often scary and one that we could have never imagined. Suddenly, we are confined to our four walls and more opportunities for stress present themselves constantly. If we are alone, we are more alone than ever. Being forced to work at home together, we are interacting with each other in 24 hour cycles. We are drawn to social media to fulfill our need for human interaction and unfortunately sometimes for an outlet for our pent up frustrations.

One would think this time would be an opportunity for the world to come together as a human race, to support each other as we navigate the path ahead of us. To some extent that is true. All around us are acts of kindness and compassion that we only wish would happen in our normal every day lives. People giving of themselves and even their lives to ensure that people that they don’t even know have a chance for the future. That is the beautiful side of humanity. Yet, all one has to do is scan group Facebook pages or watch the evening television to see a different element. Those that just can’t quite find the compassion within themselves to display the level of kindness that is needed now.

Understanding that it is natural for us all to have our moments of outburst, as we release our own pent up feelings, now is the time that requires a second thought before unleashing on those who are seeking solace. We are often so concerned with “me” that we forget about “we” and all that individuals may be going through. Small businesses trying to survive not knowing how they will come out on the other end. Individuals unemployed that can’t get applications completed so they can ensure a meal is on their family’s table. Persons dealing with family or friends who are facing the crisis directly or supporting those that may be. We are all touched by this event in varying level of degrees.

More than ever, it is the the time to stop and think before we respond. Consider what others may be going through before we release our own frustrations. While it is easier for some to work their way through this, there are others who just want to make it to another day. When we can help that effort by showing just a little more kindness, even more than we normally would, it is then that we can show the beautiful side of humanity that we all need right now.

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