Being the New Stitch in the Fabric of our New World

Do you cringe when you see a video or news clip of another person that has gone off the rails and chosen to show the worst side of humanity? That there are parts of this beautiful life that have gotten so dark and ugly that it is almost impossible to see the human race that we were supposed to be. The very fabric of who we are and who we should be is challenged each and every day as we navigate those who have chosen to make the world a harder place to live for those who just want to do good things and live lives filled with compassion and caring, rather than hate and animosity.

From the beginning of time, the quest for power and desire to have it all has been one of the major barriers to ensure that we all enjoy life equally. The division of the have and have nots in societies has prevented us from being a world that is for all people, not just some people. Things that should be our inalienable rights simply because we are part of the human race, no matter our race, color or creed, have been held back simply because we want to live our true life equal to everyone else.

One does not need to equate these issues simply with politics. There are moral fabrics in our society that are so ripped and torn that when we look in the mirror it is difficult to even see a remnant of the people that we were supposed to be. It is these failings that make it of the utmost importance that we who desire to live a life that is honest, good, compassionate and caring, set the example that others who are lost and wanting something different may follow. We have a responsibility to lift up those that are less fortunate, break down the walls that separate us, heal the world that so desperately needs healing, and become a new stitch in the fabric of that new world.

Changing the world is like a stitch in a quilt. Once that stitch has been sewn, the quilt doesn’t come together unless the sewing continues and each piece is added. As the quilt begins to take shape, the foundation is established for a fabric that will cover and comfort, with warmth and compassion. Such is our opportunity in life. We all have the power in us to enact change, one act at a time. Whether it be something small or large, when combined with the effort of others, it is then that we can truly realize a meaningful social fabric and become the people that we were meant to be.


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