The Cardinal and the 1’s

They always say after the death of a loved one that there are signs that happen so that you know they are there and still with you. For me, with the loss of my grandmother, there are two ways that remind me that she will always be there. Maybe they are in my mind or my imagination, but they are the things that center me and keep me sane when times are craziest.

My grandmothers favorite bird was a cardinal and her favorite color was red. Within weeks after she passed away a cardinal started appearing in the bushes right outside the pool area of my house. I had been in the house for four years and never seen a cardinal anywhere on the property. During the major parts of my mourning period the cardinal appeared almost every day. It always seemed to be there just when I needed comforting the most. Once I got more comfortable with the fact that she was gone, as quickly as it came, the cardinal disappeared. I haven’t seen it since.

Once the cardinal was gone a different thing started happening to me. Whenever I am perplexed about something or missing my grandmother the most, I somehow always see the repeating numbers 1111. Sometimes I happen to look at the clock at 11:11 in the morning or 11:11 at night, or 1:11 morning or night at just that moment. I will be driving behind the car and multiple 1’s are in the license plate. Or, I will see phone numbers or other numerical items that contain repeating ones. I dont see these all the time, but they seem to appear when I need comforting the most. I was my grandmother’s first grandchild and I feel that there may be some correlation.

I believe that although our loved ones may leave us in body, they are always with us in spirit. When we have such an emotional bond and connection with them during their lifetime, that connection remains long after they are gone. It’s not weird science or unworldly occurrences, it is a manifestation of the love that we shared that continues to bond us.

I am sure we all have people that we were once close to that we still feel close to today, even though they may be gone. Feeling their closeness is a beautiful part of life that is natural and wonderful. Even if the cardinal and repeating 1’s in reality have no correlation at all, in my mind they do and I use those moments to remind that although she may no longer be physically here, she will never be truly gone. I wish for you the same connection with a loved one that may be gone.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


2 Comments on “The Cardinal and the 1’s

    • What was my odometer reading on my car when I pulled into the garage the other day? 11111


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