We are a gift to the world


When I started the Bring Smiles to Seniors program, I did it because I wanted to make a difference in the life of seniors. I had no idea that in the process I was going to be making a difference in the lives of those who chose to participate and become a part of our smile journey. People from all walks of life that were looking for a way to be a part of something, a way to give back and a way to make a difference in our world.

I believe that we are born with the gene of compassion. How we use and and develop it is a byproduct of how we grow and what we learn along our life path. Understanding and feeling for humanity either becomes ingrained in us, or we choose a path of focusing on ourselves rather than others. Not that focusing on ourselves isn’t necessary. We have a responsibility to take care of ourselves and make ourselves the best that we can be. However, including compassion for others in that endeavor helps to make us more rounded people as we see life as a hole rather than a piece of something.

One of the amazing things that I have noticed in the Bring Smiles program is people’s inability to understand and appreciate how truly special they are. Some are hard on themselves because they can’t do more. Some undermine their talents as they compare themselves to others. Some say they aren’t artists, when they produce some of the most beautiful work you have ever seen. Even I at times question whether my leadership is enough to make the program all that it can be. We often let those feelings of self doubt creep in and overtake the positive, when in reality what we are giving and producing is far more than many.

Our lives are meant to be celebrated not discouraged. We all have the ability to do something small that combined comes together to be something great. We have to believe in ourselves enough to know that we are worthy of accepting the good and strong enough to weather the bad. At the end of the day it is what we believe that matters, not what societal norms or others place on us. We should never let anyone determine our self worth as that is for us and us alone to measure.

Look in the mirror today and remind yourself that you are a gift to the world. Even if you haven’t discovered your purpose yet, there is a reason that you are here and eventually you will. The best gift you can give is to be kind to yourself, love yourself and know that you can be as amazing as you will allow yourself to be.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.

Mornings with Ron is available as a podcast at anchor.fm/morningswithron or in iHeartRadio, Apple or Google Podcast or most podcast sites.


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