Change your thoughts, change your life

There comes a point in our lives where we decide that we have had enough. The swirl of negativity that surrounds us everyday takes such a toll, that we often wake up in the morning and decide that all we really want to do is go right back to bed. We look forward to going to bed at night because those few hours when we are resting gives us respite from all that we have to deal with during the day. Sometimes, that does not even work as our situations find their way into our dreams or we wake up in the middle of the night and can’t shut off our brains as we continue to think about all that is going on in our lives and the world.

Think about how much what is going on around us affects the very way we feel and live. We wake up in the morning and turn on the morning news. Are we bombarded with stories of good and pleasant things that are going on in the world? No, we listen to story after story of the horrible things that have happened the day before or during the time that we were asleep. We then leave for the stresses of our job and deal with clients and others who have a way of turning our days around, even if we went to work with the greatest of intentions of having a good day.

Finally, we come home and share our day with our significant others. Rather than tell them all the good things that happen to us, we expunge all the negative as we try and rid ourselves of those events in hopes of bringing a little more harmony to our body and mind. Then it is back to the evening news, more bad stories and then evening television that often heaps more conflict and emotional toil upon us. Typical days in the lives of many of us.

The amazing thing is that we have the power to change each and every one of those events. People or things can’t make us feel one way or another. We have the ultimate power to determine what our thoughts and reactions are going to be. Someone can’t make us sad, we choose to be sad. Another can’t make us angry, we choose to be angry. The unfortunate thing is that we repeatedly do it, often without even realizing it.

For years I made a half baked effort to introduce a little mediation into my life, with little success. However, recently I have reintroduced it with much more fervor using an app that a coworker shared with me. Now my routine is to get up, sit on the side of my bed and give thanks for another day and all that my life has given me. I read a little in my book, followed by 20 minutes of mediation outside by my pool. I then come inside and play my two favorite songs, “We built this City” by Starship and “December 63 (Oh What a Night)” by the Four Seasons. I have the sound at full blast while my cat looks at me like I have completely lost my mind. I then try and focus on the positive during the day and end my night giving thanks again for all that is good in my life.

I am learning that changing my thoughts, surroundings and controlling how I feel rather than letting others control it for me are having an impact. I feel less stressed, less tired and less emotional. I am in the beginning stages, but the initial effects are truly making me a believer that if we change our thoughts, we truly can change our lives.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.

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